Crazy Land Title

This event requires you to be level 18 before it becomes active

In Crazy Land, Joeggernaut has usurped the previous God-King Mad Cat, and plans to cross the great desert with his loyal lunatics to steal the Dino Oil Reserve in Motor World!

Stage #1 The Message Edit

Crazy Land 1

Lady Frenzy: You there! I just saw a runner bearing a message for Joeggernaut! Help me build a bike to intercept it and see what's so important!

Objective: Build and donate 3 X-Cross 125.


  • 2 Cash
  • 5 Donut
  • 3,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #2 Find the Mad Cat Edit

Crazy Land 2

Lady Frenzy: I can't believe it! The message holds Mad Cat's secret location! He can help us stop Joeggernaut! The trip will be rough, we'll need equipment and bikes.

Objective: Build and sell X-Cross 125 to collect items.

Collect 1 Wheel Collect 2 RPGs Collect 2 Fuel Tanks


Stage #3 Usurping the Ususper! Edit

Crazy Land 3

Mad Cat: Lady Frenzy! Daughter! You found my hiding spot! Welcome to the Crazy Cats rebel hideout! Now we can take back what's ours from Joeggeranaut! We ride!

Objective: Build and donate 5 Mad Monster.

Build and sell some XX Tribes to get parts.


  • 12 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 150,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #4 A Harsh Truth Edit

Crazy Land 4

Joeggernaut: So you helped Mad Cat. Ha! So gullible! He craves Dino Oil's reserve same as I! He will only replace me at the front of the war convoy! You'll see!

Objective: Build and donate 5 Lion Rider.

Build and sell some Mad Monster to get parts.


  • 20 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 1,500,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #5 Mega Battle Edit

Crazy Land Mega Battle

Lady Frenzy: My father used us! He already leads the convoy across the desert! We will build Lion Rider and destroy him! Hand me that spray-can! WITNESS ME!

Objective: Build more Lion Rider

Mega Rewards Edit

Crazy Land Rewards
Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 2000 Cash 2000 Donut Mad Skeleton
2nd 1500 Cash 1500 Donut Mad Skeleton
3rd 1000 Cash 1000 Donut Mad Skeleton
4-10 850 Cash 1000 Donut Mad Skeleton
11-20 500 Cash 500 Donut
21-50 300 Cash 300 Donut
51-100 150 Cash 200 Donut
101-200 60 Cash 100 Donut
201-300 30 Cash 50 Donut

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